Looking for a happy ending

Life has taken a sudden wrong turn because of cancer. I am not too sure how I can get it back on track again. But perhaps this is only a difficult episode, rather than a sad ending. That is the hope. I guess I will just have to wait and see how events unfold.

In the meantime, I have been distracting myself with a French crime series on Netflix, Time is a Killer. The characters in it are also experiencing one disaster after another, with often terrible but interesting consequences. Somehow their bad news is more manageable for me to process than my own. 

It's a huge relief when things seem to promise to go well for the characters. Last night, there was actually a lull in murders and accidents, so a declaration of love took place instead. Look! Here is the evidence. My involvement went up a level.

How wonderful that this character should use my 'name'! Even 'my' hair looks great. Well, it seems I got 'my' happy ending after all. A happy ending in a virtual world is really quite encouraging. Now I simply need to work on having one in the real world. 

  • Yes Happy Ending is everyone is looking for.  Just remember this If we are strong, we need to help the weak one.  If we are healthy, we need to help the one who is sick.  If we are rich, we need to help the one is poor.  Finished cancer treatment is a bless.   God is watching us.