Happy Easter, maybe

My fifth saroma is the size of a pretty large Easter egg. 

And I am afraid that it may just 'burst open' today (before my next appointment). 

Which hardly bears thinking about. 

Even if I would love to be instantly rid of it.

Earlier this afternoon I had decided to distract myself from such a worry with a large Easter egg made of chocolate.

I wondered, for example, if I could expertly crack the egg in two perfect halves, with a special sort of tapping motion?


All I had to do was to be very, very careful.


Clearly, I was not careful enough.

Because somehow the gentle pressure applied to the chocolate egg caused it to explode.


Magnificently and dreadfully.

With a loud pop, bits of chocolate were suddenly flying all over the kitchen.

When I opened my eyes, a lot of the egg had simply 'gone'!


Well, that was alarming.

Not least because I was applying the same ‘firm but gentle’ massage technique that I use for my breast saroma!

This. Felt. Like. Bad. News.

Unfortunately, I am supposed to carry on doing that recommended massage.

I guess it might lead to some interesting results though.

At least my saroma seems set to finally disappear.

And quite possibly with a bang, for one reason or another.