Cold Cap Conclusions

From my experience, the Cold Cap treatment does work. So if this treatment is offered to you, you should have hope that it will almost certainly be successful for you too.

I have now completed 7 simultaneous rounds of the Cold Cap and chemotherapy. Currently, my head is covered in a pretty acceptable amount of hair (without any bald patches) - though it is definitely far thinner, shorter and more fragile than before.


From below the level of my ears, my hair has become very wispy. Any pony tail would be the thickness of a chopstick. My new ‘style’ is similar to a mullet: completely normal when viewed face on, but wild from behind. A kind friend mentioned that she has heard this look being described as “business in the front and a party at the back”. (This is a cheerful reference to Joe Dirt in the film ‘Mullet Head.’)


Well, I guess I need to re-discover some Joe Dirt attitude for myself then. Maybe, as he says, “All’s I got to do is keep being a good person.” We shall see where that leads.