Before The Red Devil

Today is a milestone meeting – with The Red Devil, no less.

I am ready for it in the same way that I might be for a car crash, after been told to prepare myself well in advance.

It will be ‘interesting’ to see (and to feel) the after effects.


Currently, I am in reasonable, though far from perfect, condition.

If I were a car, I’d be minus windscreen wipers (i.e. my eyebrows) and I’d have flickering headlights (i.e. my twitching eyelids), plus there would be several places of damage on the inside and out (i.e. wrinkles and blisters).

But that’s how things are.

I have become an old car but at least I remain a reliable one, for now.


Meeting any sort of devil doesn’t appeal to me one bit.

I’d not even want to see one in a film.

But later on I will be sitting with him for hours.

And more than just ‘sitting’ - though I should not think of the process negatively.


I wonder how my body and my mind will deal with this new challenge.

Apparently, I am going to alter myself to a profound level, right down to my DNA.


I don’t know by how much I will look, feel or be different afterwards – or for how long.

Anyway, that’s all for the moment.

I am going to put my seatbelt on, in every sense.

I am about to set off.

What a journey.