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My continued battle with the never ending twists and turns of my AML. Having secondary illnesses of heart and lung problems due to chemo and the, what seems like, the forever wait of getting a SCT.

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    Getting Thru The BAD DAYS (2/7/18)

    We all have them, even when we’re fit, healthy people but when you have cancer, the bad days are evil. Having leukaemia has not only invaded my body but my whole life. At first the bad days were easy to handle.. I could talk my brain into believing that everything was going to be ok.. that there was life after cancer. I honestly, maybe stupidly thought...
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    1 year since diagnosis 19/6/18

    My instant thought was this has to be a sign..to get an appointment to see my favourite haematologist at Kings hospital on the eve of my diagnosis last year. With all the crap I’d gone through with my ruptured appendix, major surgery, etc this past few months and not being able to have my chemo injections because of it...     I need some good news....
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    Up, Down, Turn it all around

    Soooo this week has been full of ups and downs, the memories, the emotions...I don’t know how to feel, should I be feeling anything, I’m not out of the woods yet so is there actually anything to celebrate.. half of me wants to go ‘Hell Yeah you made it to a year since your diagnosis’ and the other says ‘Don’t count your chickens just yet’ ...