Keep Smiling?

My continued battle with the never ending twists and turns of my AML. Having secondary illnesses of heart and lung problems due to chemo and the, what seems like, the forever wait of getting a SCT.

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  • Keep Smiling?

    The Inner Naughty Voice (31/7/18)

    Making decisions has never been one of my strong points... Anybody who knows me, knows I’m the people pleaser. Every decision I have made for as long as I can remember has always been based around keeping as many people around me as happy as possible even if it meant squishing my own thoughts to the bottom of the pile where they tended to get lost...
  • Keep Smiling?

    The Faded Sparkle

    So many times I’ve logged on to write something on my blog or to ask a question on the sites and my mind goes mad with thoughts that I just cannot put into words. I read what other people are going through and I end up with all these emotions coarsing through me and I log off without writing a word. My family and friends have always said I’m the sensitive...
  • Keep Smiling?

    Packed, Mentally Ready and the Teeth Interrupted

    Apologies for not writing in my blog... The last month has been so full of appointments with so many different doctors and consultants and tests ready for my STC that there just never seemed to be time to just sit for two minutes and type out all the emotions I’m feeling. The endless lists of things I needed to get together and conversations with...