The Butterfly Who Flapped Too Hard

by Lass

Just a place for my thoughts and experiences as I go through life with Thyroid cancer, metastasised into the bones, and a meningioma that is maybe related to the TC, and maybe it's something of it's very own.

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  • The Butterfly Who Flapped Too Hard

    Letting it out

    So, mentally and physically I've not been doing too well recently. The weather has increased the pain I'm in, as has the housework i've been doing - I cleared a room, rmoved a carpet, laid a new carpet, then bought and built furniture to turn it into a craft room. The pain has stopped me from doing things I might otherwise have done and the house is...
  • The Butterfly Who Flapped Too Hard

    You're too fat. Exercise more.

    I swear, if one more medical professional says something along the lines of the title of this to me, then I may just open my mouth and scream at them long and hard. So, I've always been bigger than my peers both in height and width. Looking back at pictures of me, it's mostly my build that does it as I am 5' 10", with a 63cm circumference head,...
  • The Butterfly Who Flapped Too Hard

    Something to ponder

    Just having a muse after hearing from a friend, that a mutual friend was asking after me and asking how things were going for me. So I thought I'd turn here to ponder and muse, and maybe make others think too. Why do we as a society, ask people how other people are doing instead of asking the person themselves how they are? I mean, think about...
  • The Butterfly Who Flapped Too Hard

    Christmas Catch-up

    Figured this was the best place to put my thoughts, as they don't really fit into any of the other forums. Nothing exciting, just my thoughts etc on how my Christmas went. So a week or two before Christmas I get the news that my fuzzy brothers fiancee will be joining us for Christmas. I've mentioned her before in my posts if you've read the rest...
  • The Butterfly Who Flapped Too Hard

    The joys.....

    Of crawling up the stairs to the loo. Doing your business. Wiping. Finding blood. Then having no idea if it is coming from your urethra or your vagina - or heck, maybe both just to be extra special. Both are possible at the moment, neither should be happening, one I'm on tablets to stop happening. How ridiculous!