Sad days

Since the news of my mastectomy I've felt inexplicably sad. An almost emptiness. People have sad to me that it is okay to feel sad, but I worry that it will not pass. I keep waiting for it to pass. In many tough times of I have always got to a point where I have dusted myself down and picked myself up. I'm still waiting for this to happen.

I've done research into the surgery. Scars and what things will be like. This hasn't helped calm my mind. I've listened to many podcasts to help build positive thinking and build resilience. I've talked to people. But in the lonely hours at night, I cry.

A reoccurring theme people keep saying is take each day at a time, I'm trying. Being one who has never done that before, that is hard.

I'm going to try and make a routine plan for the week ahead. Does anyone have any coping tips? 

  • I went swimming everyday, until the pools closed. Then I started walking. Take different routes where you have never been before.  I got to discover new places and amazing houses I never knew existed. I noticed nature and the changing season.  It helped me get a bit fitter before surgery, which really helped with my recovery.  I got fresh air and sun on my face every day. But more importantly I always felt better after I had been walking. 

  • so sorry you are feeling like this but I would agree it is a lot to process and you need to be kind to yourself