Tongue and throat . A bit of an issue

  • Star date 14/11/2020

    To all in the same boat, its been a bit of ground rush the last few weeks but 2 weeks post my Biopsy, i was sitting in a doctors office being told I had Stage 4 cancer of the neck and throat, impacting my tonsils, tongue and Lymph nodes on my left si...
    • 14 Nov 2020
  • Update or Star date 17/10 - a bit more news

    OK All, A quick update, pre-assessment and MRI over. Pre-assessment was standing on a set up scales, a bit lighter than expected but worry does have that impact. Swab up my nose and either side of a sensitive area in my pants for MRSA, height check (...
    • 17 Oct 2020
  • A bit of an issue 11/10/2020

    Hi All, I'm a bit of a learner on this blog stuff but thought I would give it a go. I have been told I have cancer of the tongue and Lymph nodes (big swollen thing in my neck) and they are viewing my jaw now for good measure. I have had ultrasound, X...
    • 11 Oct 2020