This Sunday is World Health Day. In this blog, quality and evaluation officer Rachael highlights the different ways in which Macmillan provides information and support.

The theme of World Health Day 2019 is ‘universal health coverage’. This means everyone having access to the health services they need:

  • when they need them
  • where they need them
  • without money worries getting in the way.

Here in the CID team, we endeavour to produce trusted health information that is accessible to as many people as possible. To do this, we ensure that we produce our information in many different languages and formats.

Our commitment to everyone with cancer

Cancer can have an impact on so much within our lives – relationships, money, work and other health problems. Due to this, our information and support covers the emotional and financial, as well as the physical issues surrounding cancer.

We know that cancer can affect people’s lives before, during and after their hospital treatment. This is why we offer information and support in different places and in different ways, along each individual's cancer journey.

Where do we do this?

This year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is highlighting the need for care and support in the heart of our communities.

Macmillan in the community
We have information centres all over the UK as well as buses that visit local communities. Our information and support workers are on hand to answer your questions or to be a listening ear. The following quote is from information and support officer, Mario:

A quote from our supporter, Mario

To find local support, you can use the In your area tool on our website. There, you can find out about support groups, information centres and other Macmillan initiatives in your local area.

In your local health services
Many of our information centres are right there for people in the hospitals where they have treatment. If you have cancer, or you’re supporting someone who does, our services are there for you.

In this video, Claire talks about her experiences of being supported by a Macmillan nurse.