I am starting a new Blog which I name as New Beginning

Usually people are worried and depressed when they are diagnosed with cancer and think it is end of their life. But I would like to say I am starting my life new with a new perspective and hence the name

Let me introduce myself. I have been diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma of Rectum (Stage 3) in June 2017. I underwent the usual Chemo radiation, Surgery and Chemotherapy. I had a temporary Ileostomy for few weeks which was closed.  I am in my 7th decade of life and am a medical professional still continuing my active practice. Though I was in medical field and on the lookout for symptoms it was fairly late in my diagnosis as I never had any symptoms or warning signs. I was not depressed or worried though I was well aware of the consequences. May be because I was in the medical field or the fact that half of my immediate family met with same villain (but different cancers). I didn’t even go through my full course of chemo because of severe side effects.

I wish to share my experiences and to motivate those who are suffering from cancers to fight it. One need lot of support during the initial treatment period and Macmillan Cancer Support is doing a wonderful job in this field.

Ambassadors of Posititivism

I have read and heard many cancer patients saying their life ended when they were diagnosed with cancer and they were in a tunnel with no light at the end. Even the immediate family members feel the same. I don’t know why people are so afraid of cancer. It is true that cancer is a nasty disease but after all it is only one of the thousands of diseases. Cancer can cause lot of pain, discomfort and can drain you physically and financially. People are diagnosed with heart diseases, liver, kidney and other major organ diseases but they are not as scared as cancer. As per 2015 WHO reports the number one cause of death is Ischemic Heart Diseases (15.5%), Stroke (11.2%), Respiratory Infection (5.6%) and cancer is only 3%. But still more people are afraid of cancer. Many normal people die from accidents every day but no one sits at home without driving vehicles or going in public transport. So why should you be scared of cancer? Modern science is progressing and there are cures and effective treatment for many cancers today.

It is proved that a positive attitude in life is more important in your life whether it is in your career or personal relations or fighting diseases. The response to treatment is always better in persons who have positive attitude and have a strong will. This is true for all diseases from common cold to cancer. I think life feels better for optimistic people who thinks a half filled glass of water as half full ( not half empty) or a partially opened door as half open ( not half closed).  Face life boldly whatever may be the challenges.

Don’t be a captive of negativity but an ambassador of positivism. After my surgery I was having an Ileostomy bag (for emptying my bowel) and a urine bag which was strapped to my leg. Someone who visited me asked whether it is a nuisance or am I depressed by it. I told him I am the luckiest man in the world as I can empty my bowel and my bladder whenever I want and that too in public!! Moreover I can piss through my foot (as the opening valve is fixed there)!! Physically nothing changes but your positive attitude always keeps you happy and moving. I encourage you to be positive and try to keep smiling even if you are going through difficult periods. This will keep your close ones and your caregivers too happy.

Second point for today is to keep active during your treatment period as far as possible. I have been working during my period of radiation and chemotherapy. I only took brief periods of leave during my surgery and post-operative period. We call this Distraction technique which will keep you away from your pain and distress. I am a strong believer in Jesus and Faith is always better than medicine sometimes. It is a fact that different people with the same type and stage of disease respond differently to the same type of treatment and it is true even in case of identical twins. So there are many things which we still don’t know and I want to believe in the supreme power.