Was diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma last tuesday and have found out its spread to my spleen and liver.

As a 27 year old mother of two young children the effect this has had is overwhelming. My family are devastated and of course so am i. My head is all over the place and i'm trying so hard to stay strong. I have a meeting with MDT on wednesday (made to wait a week?!) and will know my plan of action then hopefully.

I'm trying so hard to stay postive and desperately want the doctor to say i'm going to be alright. There seems to be such a stigma attached to the word cancer and as soon as you hear it you think death, thats it, end of the road. I cant afford to think like that, my gorgeous bbies need me too much.

I'm so sad for everyone who is going through this either as a patient or family member because it really is a horrific time. I'm still at the why me stage and my head is all over the place. Staying positive is the only way to beat this horrendous disease. I need to beat this, as do we all...............Truly terrified though :(

Good luck to all and God bless x