Feeling thankful

Short update this week as I am finding myself with less and less time whilst like so many I am juggling zoom calls for work, endless home schooling for my boys as well as the work piling up from the zoom calls.  All whilst I combat the inescapable tiredness I feel even though I do nothing but sit!

I just wanted to take the time to write and say how thankful I am feeling this week.  I am so very grateful that I am, currently, still able to attend my weekly treatments which have not yet been affected by the ongoing pandemic and situation in our country.  The medical team at my treatment centre have been amazing and have battled staff shortages, computer failures, audits as well as their own home schooling and family crisis all to make sure that we are able to still get our treatment.  I am also so aware from reading the news and other people's stories on this site that sadly not everyone is in the same boat.

So many people around the country battling cancer have had to have treatment postponed or cancelled at the last minute due to the pandemic.  Some have not even been able to see a specialist to confirm their diagnosis.  I cannot imagine how this is affecting you and my thoughts are with you all as well as with the medical staff who are working so hard.  

So today I just want to take stock and be thankful.  This week has been so tough, unbelievably tiring and emotionally draining.  But I have been able to maintain my treatment, something with others would give anything for and I need to remember that.

Take care everyone x

  • Thankyou u just have said what I could not put into words.  McDermott ulster have gone above and beyond. All my love to them and fellow humans who are all dealing with cancer in their own way One battle at aTwo heartsime.  Upwards an onwards even it’s baby steps lol Two heartsTwo hearts