Viewing groups - which do you prefer?

Hi everyone,

It’s Ellen here from the Community team. We are hoping to get your thoughts on a change we are thinking of making to the way you currently view groups. We’re looking at making this change based on some of the feedback we’re seeing across the site, and within the feedback survey.

You’ll see a poll below this post, where you can vote for what you like best.

Currently, when you go to your group, you see a list of discussion titles. This is shown in picture A below. This view allows users to see the title of the discussion, but they need to click into the discussion to see any of the posts there.

The other option we have is to change this view so that when you go to your group, you see the latest activity within the group. This is shown in picture B below. This view allows users to look at the most recent posts within the group, without seeing the discussion titles.

The future plan would be to have both views available at all times and users can select whichever they would prefer. In the meantime though, we are only able to use one or the other.

Which would you like to see in your groups? Use the quick poll below to let us know.


Picture A, view by discussion titles

 Picture A, screenshot of a Community page viewed by discussion titles

Picture B, view by latest activity

Picture B, screenshot of a Community page viewed by latest activity

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  • i like the way it is now as i get to look through the list of conversation titles as that way if i see a story that i find interesting then i can click on it and read through it without having to be distracted by the other posts or losing the post that i wanted to read.

  • Hi everyone,

    We just wanted to get in touch to say thank you for all your feedback. It is crucial in making further improvements to the site. 

    If you are experiencing any technical issues, please reach out to the Community team by emailing or post a question in the Help Group. We aim to get back to you within 2 working days.

    You may also find it helpful to read through the current FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) here.

    Thank you again for patience whilst we continue to work through some of the issues raised, and please let us know if there is anything further we can do to support you.

    Best wishes

    Macmillan Community Team

  • I’ve chosen option but I like to see the latest activity on that discussion first, if that is possible.  Thank you 

  • Would prefer to see most recent posts first.

  • Personally, I like to see responses in the order they have been made (especially if they are to one of my own posts). I don't mind seeing the original post (OP) each time as it's usually attracted me to the post in the first place. All that said, I only have the opportunity of dipping into these discussions once or twice a week, so it helps refresh my mind each time when I do enter this special world.

  • Hi mordred, you feel free to say whatever you want to us, we are all here to help and support you. Xx

  • Hi ,

    I'm so sorry to hear you're struggling just now. I can see you've posted in our Lung cancer forum, and I've just posted a reply there. You can click here to see my reply, which explains a little more about how to talk to others on the site.

    I hope this helps.

    Best wishes,


  • Hey Annette,

    Good questions! I've responded to each of these below

    1. The return key to post is a function that's built into the platform. Users can change this though, if they wish. When you're responding, you should see the option to tick or untick a box which says 'Enter to Reply'. I've put a screenshot below:

    If you untick this box, it means when you press enter, you'll get a new paragraph instead of posting your post. The option also looks the same on mobile, which you can see below:

    2. Once you've unticked the 'Enter to reply' option, you can use the return key to start a new paragraph.

    3. The 'up vote' and 'down vote' are features which are built into the platform. These are a temporary feature and we are looking to replace each of these with a 'Like' instead. We're currently awaiting some sign off around this so we're not entirely sure yet exactly when this will be. But we definitely have plans to change it!

    I'm sorry that you're getting the 'error occurred' message. This usually happens when you're not logged in to the site. We did have an issue a few weeks back where users were being logged out frequently on the site but we brought in a fix for this last week. I'm wondering though, if something might be going awry for you. Would you be able to send us an email on with timings of when this happens for you? E.G. every 30 mins, every 15 mins. I'd like to get it looked at right away if that's the case.

    I hope this is helpful but if you've any other questions please do just let me know.

    Best wishes,


  • All I want is somebody in the same nigtmare situation as I am in to talk to!   From Mordred

  • Three questions for you please!  1.  Who's idea was it to press the return key to post. We are all used to pressing this for a new paragraph and tend to do it automatically without thinking. 2. What do we press if we want a new paragraph 3. Could you tell me what significance the arrows up and down mean to the left of the Like key. I thought it WAS the like key until I realised when I press 'up' the number of likes doesnt increase.  ///    I'm still having problems where on the right of the screen when i press the left bit that has the number beside it along from my avatar the screen says "An error has occurred please contact your administrator.  I have sent in screen shots of this before but if needed i can send it again!   Thanks Annette 

  • Thanks Ellen, We do know everything cannot be put right instantly but it is good to know things are in hand.

  • Thanks everyone for your comments, we'll take all of this feedback on board. 

    , , - thanks for your feedback on threads. Currently, the site is designed to show the original thread starter at the top of the page, even if you're looking at the most recent comments. We've had some feedback on this from users and we're looking into what options we have for how threads are presented. As we're working through technical fixes at the moment, this won't be something we can look at until we have bugs and issues sorted but we really appreciate you sharing your thoughts and we'll keep you in the loop.

    Best wishes,


  • Thread of post would be better with last one shown, not the start of the thread which I found in some cases is years old.

  • I don't mind which is used as long as the latest posts are at the top. It is no help at all showing the opening post, especially from long ago, as the discussions change as they go along. As TVman has stated, the person who started a post 3,4, or 5 years could have passed away but the discussion goes on, it is very upsetting and reminds us just how vulnerable we all are. Especially in the Living With Incurable Cancer Group!  It would be helpful too, if how to access things were labelled! 
    I'm just pleased things seem to be getting sorted out as I was unable to sign in for months! Annette x