Transgender awareness week

The pride flag with the rainbow colours and the words Transgender awareness week written in white

Friday 13th November to Friday 20th November is Transgender awareness week. To support this, we wanted to make our members aware of our LGBT+ forum.

Should you need support for living with a cancer diagnosis and identifying as Transgender, this is a safe place for you to access support. It is a place for you to speak to others who may have had a similar experience and who can understand how you may be feeling.

What does Transgender mean?

Transgender is a term to refer to all people who do not identify as their assigned gender at birth/and or the binary male/female gender system.

Assigned Gender is the gender a person is given at birth and what gets written on their birth certificate when they are a baby.

Gender identity is a personal concept of oneself as either male, female, both, or neither. It can be the same or different to the gender they were assigned at birth. It also may not fit with a binary (male/female) gender system.

Being Transgender and living with Cancer

If you are transgender or non-binary, talking to your family, friends and even health professionals can sometimes be difficult. This may be the first time you are having this conversation with them so it may bring up some emotions for you.  

A cancer diagnosis may involve parts of the body that do not reflect your gender identity. You may find this uncomfortable or upsetting to talk about and not know where to go for support and information. There is some further guidance in the Cancer and your Sex life booklet.

Information for additional support and guidance

Living with and being affected by cancer can bring many worries and concerns about our physical and mental health.

Here on the Community, we know how helpful it can be to speak to other members who have been through a similar experience. Alongside the Community, there are other support services that can help.

  • Cancer Research UK has some helpful information about cancer screenings for Transgender people.

  • Mindline Trans+ is a helpline set up by the organisation MIND. It is an emotional and mental health support helpline for anyone identifying as transgender, non-binary, genderfluid. They also support family members, friends, colleagues, and carers.

  • The Macmillan Support Line has Nurse specialists and Support advisers on hand to provide emotional support and practical information.

  • The LGBT Foundation has a range of information to support you such as talking therapies, emotional help and advocacy.

If you identify as Transgender and wish to share your cancer experience with us, we would love to hear from you. You are welcome to get in touch with the Community Team at or post in our LGBT+ forum.