We wanted to take some time today to really focus on thanking each and every one of you for the support that you all give on the Community. Below are a few of many examples of the ways that members of the Community provide truly wonderful support to each other every single day in what may be an incredibly difficult time. Why not take a look through?

'You have found this amazing support group and there is always someone here to answer your questions no matter how trivial you may think it is. ...someone somewhere may have been through exactly the same at some point.' - 

'No matter how much friends and family try to comfort you they will never truly understand how you feel. This site helps a lot with our struggles of trying to cope and get through this major fight for our lives and it is a fight for us!' - 

'I have been observing the general conversations on the forum and have to say that all comments, questions and queries fill me with inspiration. Thank you all, so much, for sharing your journeys - it shines further light on my sunny days and light in those days that sometimes seem dark.' - 

'I am a very private person and hospital are always saying join these groups and have face to face chats no way not for me that is why I like this site because nobody can see you and you can put down exactly how you feel good or bad and you always get a response back which means a lot to me and it will mean a lot to you as well knowing that people care about you is half the battle.' - 

'I'm new here and reading your post this morning has been an inspiration, such positive news.' - 

'I am so grateful for this forum. I've learned that my husband's symptoms are not uncommon, that having sepsis more than once happens and that as carers we face lonely nights and bleak times. It sounds odd to say it helps when I read that others feel low, but it does. It made me realise I was not alone and my feelings were normal.' - 

'Please don't be afraid to come on the forum anytime. I've found it invaluable, and really have been helped by finding women who understand how it feels and can share their experiences and knowledge. ' - 

'I can't thank you enough for your replies, this is an amazing community and I can see from reading some of the other discussions you're all very active and I hope you know how much comfort and reassurance your posting provides. ' - 

'Having you guys there throughout last year was a blessing......you helped me get through my darkest days and i will always forever be grateful for the advice, the understanding, the tips and most importantly....just being there and understanding. Without this community and without you guys i would have been lost.' - 

Do you want to share you thanks to a member or group on the Community that you have found supportive? Why not share below in our comments section.