The sun is shining in many places across the UK today and similarly, we’re in the mood for some positivity. Stories of kindness and support have been shining a light in the Community and across social media recently, and we’ve collated a few here to brighten your day.

Why not post your own story of helping others or others helping you, community spirit or how you’re staying positive in the comments below?

Image text: Can I recommend the @macmillancancer online community if you, like me, are currently affected by cancer in some way? It’s been a brilliant way to feel less isolated for me and that’s even more important considering the current situation. Keep talking.

Everyone on the Community has the power to make a positive and meaningful impact on another’s life, which is especially important to remember and value at a time when many people may be feeling lonely or worried. Posts like this remind everyone that your responses and messages of support and solidarity are really special.

“I received a lovely message from one of the ladies who works for the local disability charity which pays for the room for one of my support groups and have said that if we have any problems getting food and other basic items they will do their best to get them and deliver them to us - yes its stories like this that shows there is some human kindness, I have been trying to support friends getting any meals they need as I get some meals delivered.” - Online Community Member

While the current situation has brought worry and concern for many of us, it has also brought stories of kindness, generosity and helping others in need. Not everyone is able to help others for their own reasons, but sometimes this can be as simple as a kind word to a friend online. 

Image text: Very grateful to the @macmillancancer nurses @uclh over the last couple of weeks. They have been so reassuring in arranging things for tests that will also accommodate my existing health conditions (End and arthritis in particular). Lovely people who do a fantastic job

Many people may be more worried than ever about their or a loved one’s treatment and health at the moment. Stories of healthcare professionals going above and beyond to support everyone they can are a positive reminder that everyone is doing their best, including our amazing Macmillan staff.

“I had a note from our neighbour on my car yesterday which said if anyone needed any help or support with shopping/food etc then to give them a call. They've also set up a WhatsApp group to be able to talk to eachother and to call eachother to stay connected.” - Online Community Member

Nobody is alone in what they are experiencing. Keeping in contact with the Community, neighbours and friends when you can is really important to help everyone feel supported.

Do you have your own story of someone helping you, a kind gesture you’ve seen, something you’re doing to stay connected or a great example of coming together in the Community? Let us know at or post it in the comments below.