It’s September, so time to share our favourite ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ tips for the past month. What a month it’s been for, so I’ve gone ahead and thrown in few extra ones – this month there’s a focus on ‘distractions’.

“I watch my dogs happy and content in the moment. Be like them, forget the past, you can't change it. Live for the moment, enjoy all you see and hear. Look forward to the future. Be brave, ask for help, and love all around you…” ()

“What I'm trying to say is when you are at your lowest and you think things are never ending, things will get better...There is light at the end of the tunnel so don't give up!” ()

"Yes, having a garden or an allotment is a lovely way of spending our free time. Being active outdoor, growing vegetables and fruit, picking our own fresh crop and making friends in the allotment is really a great way of a healthy lifestyle." ()


“…I’ve tried everything, and my anxiety is on the ceiling at the moment, though temporarily relieved for a few moments at a time by music, reading, embroidery, eBooks, knitting, puzzles, scrabble etc. I'm on a new one now – I don’t know if any of you have had ads on FB for paint by numbers…I started mine this afternoon and before I knew it, it was teatime and I hadn’t thought about my 'alien' for all that time!” ()

“For the last few weeks I’ve been learning Italian (free online at duolingo)…I was hesitant at first but soon found it to be a lot of fun. The way the lessons are laid out, it’s as absorbing and competitive as any game, and we’re all making rattling good progress through the basics. There’s a lot of languages to choose from and I’d certainly recommend it as a project to distract you a little from medical matters.” ()

“When I was really unwell last year someone suggested colouring for adults, so I gave it a go.” ()

“I find doing codewords (rather than crosswords) very absorbing too. For anyone who hasn't seen them, they are puzzles with a grid which looks like a crossword, but has a number in each square. They fill in 3 letters to start you off, and you have to work out all the other letters. Tesco do a monthly called ‘Handy Codewords’. Its pocket-size, and has 60 puzzles in. I find I can get lost for hours doing these.” ()

Got a wellbeing tip you'd like to share with the Community? Go ahead and share it with us in the below comments section.