"...be kind to yourself and remember you are never truly alone.” - Wellbeing Wednesdays: August

It’s August, and time for summary of the past month's ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ tips. I’ve been spoilt for choice the past month of so, as is always the case, so I’ve thrown in few extra tips that have been shared on the Community.

“…whatever happens, make the most of every day. Find something every day that makes you smile, fill your time with fun and laughter and create many amazing memories with your son. Not because you have cancer but because you can.” (Daisydoo38)

“But to all those struggling with life please be kind to yourself and remember you are never truly alone.” (Summerleaze)

“The key piece of advice I wish I had followed was simply to stay off Doctor Google, it won’t help. It’s beatable, people beat this all the time and you could be one of them.” (Garyb)

“Take a deep breath and calm down. You have had an awful shock and need to give yourself time to let all that sink in. You still have hope and a life to live.” (Alive)

“Stay in the day and find something to enjoy each day. It can be as simple as a cuddle or a cup of tea or a beautiful flower. Sweat the small stuff. Say yes when people offer help.” (Daloni)

“My advice is to let your fears out of your head and into the open, they have less power when spoken out loud, take counselling if you think you need it or share your thoughts here, you won't be judged no matter what you say.” (Johnty)

“You only have one life and no one (cancer or not) knows when their time is up so make the most of every day, find something to smile about every day, do all those things you want to do and spend time with the people you want to.” (Daisydoo38)

Got wellbeing tips you'd like to share with the Community? Go ahead and do so using the comments section below.

  • <p>I watch my dogs happy and content in the moment. Be like them forget the past you can&#39;t change it live for the moment enjoy all you see and hear look forward to the future be brave ask for help and love all around you xx</p>
  • <p>Hi</p> <p>I was diagnosed last September with breast cancer &nbsp;and had a maestectomy. I have been ok throughout my treatment. My radiotherapy finished finished the end of May. My cancer has gone which is fantastic. I expected to be tired for 3 weeks or so but I&#39;ve still got it everything is such an effort. I can&#39;t stop crying to the point it&#39;s stopping me going out. How do I deal with I feel completely on my own.</p> <p>Lyn</p>
  • <ul> <li>Hi Į am stick cancer&nbsp; wife. needed. only my money&nbsp; very much&nbsp; pain.</li> </ul>
  • <p>Hi ,</p> <p>Thanks for your comment - I&#39;m Jimmy from Macmillan&#39;s Community team.&nbsp;</p> <p>I&#39;m first off so sorry to learn of your current situation - I appreciate right now must be an incredibly difficult time for you. I&#39;d recommend calling our Support Line and speaking to both our Cancer Information Nurse Specialists (to address the medical side of things), and also our Welfare Rights Advisors (to discuss your financial concerns).</p> <p>That number&#39;s <strong>0808 808 00 00</strong>, and our teams are available 7 days a week, 8am to 8pm. I&#39;d also highly recommend contacting your GP or healthcare team as soon as is possible to discuss the pain you refer too.</p> <p>Take care,</p> <p>Jimmy</p> <p>Community Team</p>