January can be a bit of an odd month, both full of the promise of a new year and a fresh start but also a time where the mornings and evenings are dark, the weather chilly and the routines of the pre-holiday season hard to settle back into. To help us all through the next few weeks, we have put together some amazing wellbeing tips and expressive thoughts that we have collected from the Community. So why not put the kettle on, settle down on the sofa and take a moment to look through our favourite wellbeing tips of the moment?

'I do find it helps to go outside and just breathe in the fresh air for a minute or two - especially when tearful.' -

'Never give up! Look at all the options open to you and use the wonderful NHS and Macmillan staff for advice and support.' – 

'We all need to try to not let this consume us, it’s hard and we are scared, I do know that with everyone on here we are strong, strong to get through what we are dealt.' – 

‘So my advice to you is take all the help you are offered and then put all your energies into living the best life you can given the circumstances. I prefer to use my energies to create an acceptable quality of life, spend time with my loved ones and experience joy when it presents itself.’ -

‘Bless you and yours, try to eat well and sleep when you can, set aside a room in your home where you are not allowed to think or speak of cancer.’-

‘we never lose the people we love we carry them with us always’ – 

‘Don’t neglect your own wellbeing, reach out for emotional support’- 

‘I make a list every morning of what I want to accomplish that day, in order of priority.  I go through it until I am not able to do more. Next day repeat, it works…That way I feel accomplished and happy with myself daily. We all have limits and just live life to fullest to the levels possible.’  – 

‘The love we have will not go away. It makes us into better human beings and we can spread this to others and help.’ – Sly Cooper

'Take heart that you and we are still here. If we don’t have a life in front of us, then at least we have the day.' – 

(On receiving health news) ‘Take a big breath and allow yourself to absorb the news, you don’t need to rush into any big treatment decisions, it’s ok to take your time to find the best path for you.  And it’s ok to give into the sadness and grief at the news too.’ – 

‘You have both known love and therefore have truly lived' 

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