While December can be a month of excitement, celebration and time spent with family and friends it can also be a very difficult, stressful and conflicting time for many. Taking time to look after yourself amongst the busyness of the season is so important, so why not grab a hot drink, snuggle up warm and read through some of the wellbeing tips from the last month? 

'Time is precious, people are precious, and a good mindset says " don't waste energy stressing over stuff that we just don't have control over but put our energy into getting through each day and enjoying the moment" - coffee time I say. - 

‘I find myself having lots of low days and what gets me through them is knowing that they will pass and there will be better days’ - 

'The best advice I can give is to breath out and get firm control of your head - this is the one thing that you can control. In my case I decided I was going to delegate worry to the doctors and medics (there wasn’t anything I could do in this area other than follow their exact instructions)' - 

'Your main goal is to get a handle on the battle between the ears’ - 

‘Never feel silly with a question as I am sure someone else has asked the same before. Be kind to yourself if you have just had surgery it’s OK to ask for help, let your body heal.’- 

‘Think of nice things while having your radiotherapy- don’t think of cancer at all think of Christmas and all the things I’m sure you still have to do!’-  

(while having treatment) …’I also try visualisation usually lying on a beach with white sand and palm trees sometimes a cocktail… sometimes a lovely roast dinner, think about the ingredients, the smell, the taste... opening presents around a real fire... Just something to send the brain somewhere of my choosing lol - You don't have to be fearless, as the saying goes feel the fear and do it anyway...’ 

'Just remember you are what's important. Take time for yourself.' - 

 ‘I see my journey as a journey through a forest with little houses with kind inhabitants where I may rest awhile before I continue with my journey through the unknown forest. - 

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Remember Macmillan’s support Line is there for anyone affected by cancer throughout the Christmas period, so if you need any support you can call 0808 808 00 00 8am-8pm 7 days a week (9am-5pm on the bank holidays and 8am-5pm Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.)