This week marks Volunteers’ week here at Macmillan, it’s a time where we recognise and celebrate all of the amazing volunteers across the organisation. As part of this, in today’s Community news Blog, we are shining a light on our wonderful Volunteer specialists who dedicate their spare time and their expertise to answer your questions in our ‘Ask an Expert’ sessions.  


To share a bit more about her experience of being a Volunteer specialist here on the Community is Lorraine, Lorraine is a Psychosexual Nurse Specialist and answers questions in the Ask about Sex (Men’s cancers)’ session. She is one of our team of 12 specialists working alongside surgeons, dentists, physiotherapists and other professionals to provide information and support to our members. Last year our volunteers answered an impressive 839 questions on the site.

Here’s Lorraine to tell us more:


‘What I really enjoy about ‘Ask an Expert’ is that I can reach out to help people wherever they live in the country and hopefully be a resource of information in what can be a very delicate intimate part of a person’s life.

Cancer can have a huge physical and mental toll on sexuality, two words ‘cancer’ and ‘sex’ that can be seen as taboo yet we really we should be helping people to normalise discussion as part of care.

I was invited to participate by someone who had heard me lecture on this subject several years ago. It was meant to be I believe for a two week or a month period but I enjoy it so much I’ve stayed and I think it may be now about two years!

I really see my role as helping raise awareness about this important area of health and giving answers to people who may not be asked by their healthcare professional about sex or indeed patient may feel too awkward to ask face to face these questions.

COVID 19 I feel is highlighting the resourceful way social media can help. Anytime night or day people are able to click onto the website and look at previous questions asked and the answers to hopefully see they are not the only one who may be feeling like they do.’

Due to the current situation with COVID19 our Volunteer run ‘Ask an expert’ sessions are currently closed, however you can still read through all the previously asked questions for help and support at this time. I hope you will join us in saying a huge thank you to Lorraine and to all our Volunteer specialists for all their hard work. From us here on the Community and our Community members, thank you.