It’s October already, and with it another ‘Wellbeing Wednesdays’ summary. So, grab yourself a cuppa, get cosy, and take in some tops tips from the Community for the past month.

“A busy mind won’t have time to worry about other things. This is easier said than done but in time it will get easier.” (Tony soprano)

“Deep breathing really helped – I needed a psychologist at one point, and he did some breathing with me, and at the end, I honestly felt a calmness in not minding whether this was going to be my last breath or not. It was kind of the notion of letting go of control and noticing the simplicity of the breath and everything around us.” (Greg777)

“No one can know how long, or when – so holding on tight and remembering to breath is keeping me going, and knowing that my job is to just hold on and accept the uncertainty.” (NellieJ)

“I treat each day as it comes and make the most of my time. And have set goals for after chemo, you gotta strive for something – STAY STRONG, SMILE, BUT BE REALISTIC…” (imac)

"Life isn't all about money, work...give that extra cuddle and hug to a special person in your life." (MetalMicky)

“Please do not expect to be rushing back to work after a few weeks (if you work).” (chris2012)

“…there's no point in blaming yourself for what you did or didn't do in the past. We've all been there but it doesn't change anything, so try to just focus on now.” (latchbrook)

“The beauty for me is in the moment, in the now. If you have a dream, that dream is still alive today and you should continue to dream it. In my experience, there’s not much point in fast-forwarding to the future, it is going to be what it is going to be.” (Greg777)

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