During this time of crisis, it may be hard to see the positives, but one thing I’ve noticed is that more people seem to be enjoying home cooking.

Whether you’re lucky enough to be sitting down more regularly as a family together; virtually sharing a special meal with a loved one via video chat; or simply chatting with other members on the Community, food is something that unites us all.

Community members have been chatting in this thread about baking, whether a distraction or necessity, bread is often a popular choice. According to Community member ‘Shazam’, kneading is good exercise for the lymphatic system!However, we understand that when you have cancer, it can affect your relationship with food. Member Hattykat suggests chemo can put you off your favourite foods:

You can read the full thread here.

Everyone responds differently to treatment, so it’s difficult to know exactly how you will feel, however it’s always helpful to share ideas with people going through similar experiences.

Member sim10 posted on the Community to ask for advice around supporting their husband following chemotherapy treatment for oesophageal cancer. Click here to see the full thread, where members have responded with their own experiences.

If you’re self-isolating due to coronavirus and finding it hard to arrange food deliveries, this thread might have some useful ideas from members experiencing similar issues. Members have also been discussing food parcels from the government – click to see the full thread here.

We’re doing everything we can to keep supporting people living with cancer. You can always find the latest information from Macmillan on coronavirus here.

You can also find lots more information about eating well and keeping healthy here on Macmillan’s Information & Support pages.