FAQ Meet the Community Team

Who are the Online Community team? 

The Online Community team are professionals who work for Macmillan. We’re here to make the Community a safe, friendly and supportive place for all its members. 

We keep the site safe using our Community Guidelines. We’re also here to help members navigate around the Community and find the right support. 

If you need some help or have any issues, you can contact us at community@macmillan.org.uk 

We aim to respond to all emails and alerts within 2 working days. 

Steph - Online Community Officer

Hi, I’m Steph and I’m an Online Community Officer. I’ve worked for Macmillan since 2015 and was thrilled to join the Community team in 2020.  I’m passionate about helping people affected by cancer find the right support through our Community forums. In my spare time, I like cooking, music and enjoying the great outdoors.

Eliza - Online Community Officer

I’m Eliza and I’ve been part of the Community team since March 2020. I have previously volunteered for Macmillan. I love working to find ways we can improve our service and working with our team of wonderful volunteers. Outside of work, I love reading, writing stories, painting, roller skating – I’m always busy!

Meg - Online Community Officer

Hi I am Megan. I have been a part of the Macmillan team for a number of years and have experience in different areas of the organisation. Being a part of Macmillan’s Online Community is something I feel passionate about as lived experiences need a space to be shared. Peer support can make a difference when you are affected by cancer, and I am proud to support the Online Community. My interests are music, films and food. I love animals and enjoy being outdoors. Walking with my dog Bertie is one of my favourite things to do, alongside spending time with my family and friends.