FAQ How do I start a discussion?

Step by step instructions

1. Go to the forum you would like to post in

2. You'll need to be a member of the group before you post (see How do I join a group?)

3. Once you're a member of the group, select the '+New' button

Image of forum with '+New' button highlighted in red circle

4. Enter your subject title and your post

Image of new post editor with red arrows highlighting title and body of text

5. (optional) You can add tags to your post - this will help other members find your content e.g. if your post is about chemotherapy, you can add 'chemotherapy', 'chemo', 'treatment' as tags

Image of 'tags' highlighted in red circle

6. Once you've finished your post, scroll down and select 'Post'

Image of 'Post' button highlighted in red circle

7. You'll then be taken to view your post

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