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  • Community News Blog

    Guest post: Always Something There to Remind Me

    This is a guest post by Online Community member Margaret853 . Read more of her writing on her blog My Cancer Journey . From the day I was diagnosed with cancer, I clung onto one particular thought. It was that someday someone would tell me that my nightmare was over because my treatment had worked. I often daydreamed about the prospect of that day...
  • Breast Cancer Chemo Aids

    Chemo Aids Shopping List - Gathered from Breast Group Memebrs

    This will be updated as other helpful hints are posted in the Main Breast Group . Nail hardener or nail oil to keep your nails healthy and strong (Mena & Tej0362) Baby wipes are very useful for many things (Dragonlady15) Some kind of flavoured sweets, for example starburst or Gin-Gins – for during chemo or when there can be a strange...
  • My Dads Brave The Shave!

    1 Week in!

    We've raised £175 so far! still quite far off our target of £1000 but at least were trying... I've attached a photo of my dad so you can all see what hair he does have... not for long! Im really trying to think of some idea to boost the fundraising so if anyone has any ideas i'd love that, please feel free to get in contact...
  • Coping with Lung Cancer

    An update on the last year

    Well folks, i cant believe its a year since my diagnosis ! Such a lot has happened since then not least finding this forum without which i wouldnt have coped, i look in most days but dont post much unless its a topic i feel i can help with. There has been a lot of sadness on the site just lately with people loosing loved ones and i would just like...
  • My Dads Brave The Shave!

    First things first

    Hi Everyone! my dad is going for it and doing the brave the shave this year on the 13th of september. So far we have raised £170 but we need help! He has promised to shave his eyebrows off too if we can reach £2000. The reason we have chosen macmillan is because my grandad died of lung cancer 4 years ago, and macmillan nurses were fantastic...