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  • Sew I have cancer!

    I'm hooked

    In the pit of despair that was last week, the temple of peace at the bottom of my garden seemed as remote as the Himalayas. Then something odd happened last Sunday. I got up and something felt distinctly different but I couldn't put a finger on it. I had a shower and then it dawned on me; I felt well. Not only was I not in pain, I felt positively...

    My story.

    I just want to say Thank you to Macmillan and there amazing nursers, back in 2011, around Easter time, my grandad was diagnosed with cancer, it broke my heart, I was only 13 and did not realise how serious cancer actually is, but I do now. My grandads cancer spread and we found out his cancer was terminal, he was only given a few weeks to live, he...
  • me, my cancer and I

    Hair Loss Week

    sounds like an episode of GBBO at the weekend I lost the majority of hair from under my armpits, they are now smooth, think Nic is now jealous. Monday Nic goes to work and although I had been slowly thinning during ABVD I was probably at 80% of my usual hair volume. I had very thick hair and it had always been thinned out by the barber so to most...
  • My amazing friend

    No finer guy

    Daniel's journey with Stage 4 Ewings Sarcoma started a little over a year ago (well, that he knew of!) Watching the way he and his partner Evie have dealt with this couldn't fail to amaze and inspire. They are both truly remarkable. They've faced this thing head on, never doubting that he will kick this thing into remission and even retaining...
  • Neuroendocrine Cancer Awareness

    Cancer? it's what other people get

    My recent hospital visit brought back some memories as I walked past the Acute Admissions Ward. I thought back to my emergency weekend stay there in July 2010. I've blogged about my diagnosis before but not about this 'incident' which occurred almost immediately prior. I was well into the 'diagnostic phase', having had all sorts...