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  • Phil's Fight

    Hopeless Girl

    What's happened since my last blog. I had a fight. Well my car did. With a defective rising bollard. I can't say it's lost but well it hasn't come off very well at all. It's the first car of my own despite me being in my late twenties...
  • Community News Blog

    Rick Wakeman's 'Life On Mars' single available now

    Many of us were moved to hear of the sad passing of music legend David Bowie back in January, none more so than musician Rick Wakeman. In memory of David, who died of liver cancer aged 69, Rick has recorded beautiful piano solos of Bowie's iconic...
  • Coping with mums terminal cancer at 16

    Coping with mums cancer at 16

    My mum has had cancer for three years started as bowel cancer then she had an oporation to remove it all was clear then a year after she had cancer again in her stomach and liver and kidney they told us it was terminal! She had chemo to control it but...
  • Rainbows and rainclouds

    About me

    So, introductions :) I am female, married, 57, have 4 adult children, two little grandchildren and another on the way. My husband became a "90's man" and stayed at home to raise our children. I am immensely proud of him for that. I worked...
  • Cancer, Me and Them


    I am so sorry I haven't update until now. We haven't stopped. Dr Oncologist met us at the door smiling. 'It's good news' he says. We sat down and he explained that my scans are 'unchanged'. I wasn't really sure...