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  • A journey through throat cancer

    Low Down Limbo Blues

    I guess this had to happen, though I am feeling better after phone calls with two good friends earlier today. You fight your way through treatment, get that done, fight your way through the physical hell of its effects, start the long, slow recovery and then your focus shifts to the next step. But that next step is weeks away, you are totally exhausted...
  • Cancer, Me and Them

    4am Musings

    Morning everyone, I am sitting up in bed wide awake with acid indigestion thanks to the chemo watching yet another history programme while the household continues to knock out the Zzzzs. It doesn't matter though because I have you lot to talk to and when it is quiet I can order my thoughts better. The chemo effects are building up and I almost...
  • Sew I have cancer!

    Snuffle and grunts

    It's nearly 3 am and I'm sitting in the shed. From the other side of the fence I can hear the gentle snorts, snuffles and grunts of a couple of young boar settling down in the ferns. I can tell they are young by the depth of their grunts, nowhere near as deep as the big daddy that chased me down a path this spring. With a shed wall and a fence...
  • Neuroendocrine Cancer Awareness

    Neuroendocrine Cancer Nutrition Blog 3 – Gut Feelings

    My two most popular posts to date are Nutrition Blogs 1 and 2 so I guess this is a topic you guys like? Lucky for me I’m pushing at an open door as nutritional issues are one of the biggest challenges affecting most Neuroendocrine Cancer patients. It is also a key factor in maintaining a decent quality of life. When I first indicated this series...
  • Sew I have cancer!

    Tick tock, tick tock

    I don't think my eyelids work anymore. I'm utterly exhausted but wide awake and there's just me and that damn ticking clock for company. Even Basil the cat has gone to bed. In four and a half hours time I leave for work. Between us, work is going to be difficult. Commuting is going to be difficult. Saying my name is going to be difficult...