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  • Sew I have cancer!


    Thanks to the lovely ladies here on Macmillan, my stock of bags is vastly depleted. I say vastly because I really didn't have that many to start with and selling 10 has posed me with a rather nice challenge; I'd better make some more damn quickly! When I started making the bags I had no intention of selling them, it was purely to see what...
  • Cancer, Me and Them

    Caravans, Cuddles and Rainbows

    Ahhhhh back home.... We have just arrived back today after a week away in a caravan with the children, a good time was had by all! The caravan was a lovely big static on a peaceful site with a river running through it, we had no internet or phone signal on site either, so had to rely on books and in my case crochet to keep our minds occupied. Brought...
  • Community News Blog

    Guest post: Cancer didn’t stop me getting my masters degree aged 76

    This is a guest post by Online Community member benavista . At the time of writing this blog, I am 76, ‘plumpish’, live alone and have been a widow for almost ten years. A few days ago, I collected a Master’s degree by Research into Railway Studies. These five facts just about sum me up but perhaps are worth expanding because I am...

    help me understand mums death please

    Hi mun passed away from stage 4 overian cancer . She put up a great fight for over 14 months with major surgery and chemo . She was admitted to hospital 2 weeks ago as she was vomiting alot and we was told it was terminal . She had 2 drivers inserted into her legs to help with pain and sickness . The day she passed aeay we was called to hospital to...
  • Sew I have cancer!

    And sew to bed

    I know its not even 9pm, on a Saturday night but I'm in bed and loving it. It's been a long day in the shed. After nine hours of machining, I thought I deserved an early night. With every bag I make, I learn a little more about myself. Today I discovered that I'm not keen on working with only one colour palate. To be happy bags, my bags...