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  • Cantankerous Cancer

    Sleep Deprived Mutterings

    7am.... 5 minutes ago, 5.30 am...... 15 minutes ago, 4am....... 20 minutes ago, 3.15 am ... So on and so forth, particularly the last 4 nights (nights are when its dark outside, right ? Everything is such a hazy blur at the moment that time and the...
  • Lillianes Cancer Journey

    The day we found out Lilliane had Cancer

    This is a picture of Lilliane when she was a bit younger, we rarely get "normal" pictures of Lilliane as she doesn`t enjoy having her pictures taken. Before I start talking about what has happened the past 6 months let me give a short introduction...
  • esophagectomy


    Hi My name is Jan I am near 68 and have just been diagnosed with stage1b esophageal cancer.everyone keeps telling me how brave I am how amazing etc etc...but I am not.I know people are trying to say kind things but I wish they would understand I have...


    Today I was told I have Stage 1 Womb Cancer. I think I knew deep down but to hear a consultant look at me and say you have cancer. Is this really happening to me? For nine days I have thought about it constantly and kept "a foot in both camps"...
  • One step at a time

    CT Scan

    Having met my Surgeon (Mrs Farooq) on Monday at Manchester Royal Infirmary to discuss option for operation which will either be minimal invasive Ivor Lewis or McKeown, I today received by post my appointment for a CT Scan and the fitness test.  My surgery...