Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer

Hello - I have received the message ‘you do not have the ‘create reply’ permission for pancreatic cancer’ what do I do please? I went to reply to a response I have but the response I had from ‘ask a nurse’ has disappeared. I not the best on IT, can you help please?

Thank you


  • Hi Wellsy,

    Thank you for posting your question, it’s Megan here from Macmillan’s Online Community team.

    I’d be happy to help you use the Online Community for support and I firstly wanted to ask if you are wanting to post in the Pancreatic cancer forum?

    I had a look at your profile and noticed you had not joined this group. To be able to start a discussion in our Community groups, all members must first join the group.

    To join a group, you just need to click the grey ‘click to join’ banner towards the bottom of the page. Once you are a member, you can start a discussion by clicking the ‘+new’ or ‘+’ button near the group title. I’ve added an image below to help explain.

     Pancreatic cancer forum with a red circle around the +new button and an arrow pointing to the join button

    I’ll link the Nurse's reply to your question here so you can respond to them if you’d like to. Please remember that the Nurses and other specialist teams are there to help for as long as you need them so please do post another question if you need some further support.  

    Sometimes if you are temporarily logged out of the Community your reply will not post. If you have been logged out of the Community, your reply should save in the same text box you used when you clicked the reply button.

    Each post has a reply button, so you need to make sure you click the same reply button as you did before. If you click the reply button under the Nurses reply, hopefully, your post will be saved here.

    I hope the above information helps and do let us know if you have any more questions or need some additional support using the site.

    The Online Community team is here to help so don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help. Alongside posting here in the technical help section, you’re welcome to email community@macmillan.org.uk.

    Best wishes, 

    Macmillan's Online Community Team

  • Thank you Megan - I tried to reply to Donna’s message but keep getting an orange box saying ‘You do not have the create reply permission for ‘RE: Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer that is required to complete this action.

    All I wanted to say was the information she sent was helpful and also she, and all the MacMillan team are worth their weight in gold.

    Thank you all for what you do.

  • Hi Wellsy,

    Thank you for getting back in touch to confirm that you were trying to reply to one of our Nurses, Donna.

    Usually, when the orange box appears it can mean the connection is temporarily lost. Sometimes just refreshing the page can help restore the connection.

    I’m sorry that your message didn’t get to Donna but you’re welcome to click here and reply again if you’d like to. If not, we can make her aware that you found the information helpful and that you wanted to pass on your thanks.

    If you are still seeing this orange box each time you try to reply in the Ask an expert section, please do let us know so we can investigate this further. 

    We’re here to help so don’t hesitate to post another question in the technical help section, or in our Ask an Expert section.

    Please remember that you can reach the Community team every day by emailing community@macmillan.org.uk.

    Best wishes, 

    Macmillan's Online Community Team

  • Thank you. If you could pass on my thanks x

  • Hi

    Thank you for your response, my name is Rachel and I work alongside Megan here on the Community team. 

    Of course, that's not a problem at all - I will pass on your thanks to both Megan and Donna today. 

    If you are still having any problems using the Community, please don't hesitate to get back in touch. The Community team aims to support all our members as best we can, so if there is anything we can do to help - do let us know. 

    Take care,

    Macmillan's Community team