Future Enhancement - mute groups

Hi - here's an idea for a future enhancement to the forum . . . . . 

I would love the ability to mute specific groups.  For example, if I am perusing under "my friends posts"  I will see all their posts, including those in some I am just not interested in.  In  the same way I can "join" a group to register my interest and follow it, I'd like to declare a non-interest in certain groups.   For example, I am a patient and I'm not interested in the groups for carers or non-patient groups aimed at families and friends.  For different reasons, I scroll on past the groups for the bereaved.  I would love to mute these groups.  

  • Hi

    My name is Steph and I'm part of the Community team. Thank you so much for taking the time to get in touch and I hope you're finding the Community to be a safe place of comfort and support.

    We will log your suggestion and see if there's a way to introduce a content muting feature in the future.

    I can appreciate that there might be some content on the Community which you'd rather not read. I hope I can help by making some suggestions about how you can best use the site to only see content you are comfortable with.

    Although you can't currently mute content from the site, there are already ways in which you can narrow down the content that you see through your customised feeds on the homepage. Under 'Recent Activity' you'll see a few tabs where the content is customised to your own choice of groups or friends.

    If you're looking for a feed of activity from your groups only, you can find this on the homepage, next to 'My Friends Posts'. 

    Alternatively, you can use the 'Your Top Groups' option on the homepage to visit your groups individually and read through content on the group page. In each individual group feed, you will only ever see content from that group's forums.

    I hope this is helpful and please do let us know if you have any further questions or feedback.

    Best wishes

    Online Community Officer