Using a mobile and replying to a post


Will there ever be a function to be able to reply to a post comment via email ? 

I struggle to use the site on a mobile and often need to be sitting in front of a PC to reply etc 

Personally i could be so much active and involved online if there was this functionality !



  • Hi

    Thanks for your question, I'm Steph from the Community team and I can help.

    We send notification emails to let you know about activity on the site, but there's no function to respond via email. You can click on the 'reply' links on your email notification to go straight to where you post your reply.

    I'm sorry to hear that you've struggled to use the site on a mobile. Although the site works slightly differently on a mobile than it does on a PC, it should be just as easy to use. If you would be comfortable providing a little bit more information about what you've found difficult , we can offer you some further help and support to allow you to use the site on your mobile. 

    If you'd like more help, you can post some more information below, or email us at 

    Best wishes,

    Online Community Officer