deleted posts/threads

I've just spent nearly an hour searching for a thread in the Breast Cancer forum that I looked at either late last night, or first thing this morning and which I wanted to read again. Given the nature of the post I suspect the thread has been deleted. As I couldn't remember which section the thread was in, I had no other option than to trawl through everything. 

Please, if you delete a thread or a post, would you put a "placeholder" - I think that's what they are called, to say "this post/thread has been deleted" It'll avoid frustration when the wanted post cannot be found.


  • Hi ,

    Thank you for your question, I'm Eliza from the Community team. I'm sorry to hear that you spend nearly an hour looking for a discussion thread, I can appreciate this may have felt quite frustrating.

    If you'd think you might like to refer back to content that you've read, we'd recommend using the bookmark feature. Bookmarks are a way of storing discussions, blogs and groups you are interested in all in one convenient place on your profile. We have a step by step guide on how to bookmark a discussion thread here in our Help section. This allows you to bookmark any content on the Online Community and use your "Bookmarks" list to find it again.

    Members see a placeholder when they follow a direct link to a post which is no longer there. For example, if you follow a link in a notification and the post isn't there, you'll be taken to a placeholder message. This can be why the bookmark feature can be handy to use. When you follow the link in your "Bookmarks", if the thread has now been removed, you'll then be able to see straight away. The placeholder looks like this:

    However we aren't able to set a placeholder to display within group discussion lists for various reasons. Firstly we are conscious of protecting members' privacy if their content has been deleted for any reason. There would be no way to display this placeholder within groups without retaining the subject line or member's name for the post that was removed, unless members follow a direct link as they do currently to see a placeholder. This would also potentially make the groups harder to navigate, as there may be multiple deleted posts within a group. This would then make it harder for members to find the active posts and content as members would need to scroll past these to access discussions.

    I hope I can reassure you that we do take all our members' feedback on board as it's important to us that members feel the Online Community works for them. I hope you'll find bookmarks helpful but if you have any other questions or feedback, please feel welcome to get back in touch with us here or over email to

    Best wishes,


    Macmillan Community team