How to update a discussion thread

Hi is there anyway I can update a thread that I’ve already created 

  • Hi ,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community team, I'm Eliza from the Community team. Here in our "Technical support" page, we do our best to help all our members make the most of the Online Community and help members use the site.

    You can update a discussion thread in the same way that you can write a reply to any post on the site in a group that you're a member of. 

    To go back and find an old discussion thread you've created, you can access your previous activity in your Community profile by clicking on "Activity" in your profile.

    You can also use the search bar at the top to look for a previous discussion thread. This can be easier if you are currently in the group where you posted when you use the search bar, as this will then only search the group you are in.

    You can click the green "Reply" button underneath any post in your discussion thread to write a reply to the post. This response will then appear at the end of the discussion thread.

    If you want to update your original post that started the discussion thread, you can click "More" and then "Edit" underneath the post. This allows you to change what the post says. However if you are providing an update on your experiences, it can be easier to write a reply underneath the post to let members know what's happened. This means members in the group will get a notification if they have notifications turned on. It can also save confusion for members who had already read and replied to your original post.

    We have step by step guides on how to use groups and discussion threads here in our Help pages.

    I hope that you've been finding the Online Community to be a helpful place to connect with others and find support. If you need any further help with using the Online Community, you can respond to our post here or you can email the team at

    Take care,

    Macmillan Community Team
  • Dear Eliza

    I raised the possibility of a Reversal/LARS group some time ago. Do you know what happened to the idea as it was well received at the time?

    Every blessing
  • Hello

    Thank you for getting back in touch regarding the reversal/LARS forum. We really appreciate you taking the time to suggest this and follow it up.

    Group changes were put on hold whilst we managed the latest site enhancements, so I'm sorry we haven't been able to action that as yet.

    I'll discuss this with the team next week and we'll get back to you as soon as we can confirm agreed action.

    Best wishes

    Steph - Online Community Officer