How to view list of my posts

I’m sure there’s a way, looking for a button that says “my posts” as a list


  • Hello 

    It's Steph here from the Community team. Thank you for getting in touch with your question.

    You can find all your activity on the Community on the 'activity' tab on your profile page. You can go to your own profile page by clicking on your own username anywhere on the site, or by clicking on your profile avatar at the top right and then clicking on profile from the menu (on a mobile, click the little arrow to reveal your profile avatar).

    On a desktop, simply click on the 'activity' tab on your profile 

    On a mobile, go to your own profile, then click on 'more' then chose 'activity' from the menu

    This will allow you to view a feed of all the conversations you've started or replied to. You'll need to scroll right to the bottom of the webpage before it will load all your activity

    I hope this is helpful and please do let us know if you have any further questions, or need additional help.

    Best wishes

    Online Community Officer