Most forums have the option to have a sticky thread, so it stays at the top and doesn’t get lost over time, could you see if you have that option, if you do then I have an idea



  • Hi ,

    Thanks for your question, it's Eliza from the Community team. It's lovely to hear that you're interested in featuring helpful content in your group for other members to see. 

    All of our forums have the option to have 'sticky' discussion threads, which stay around the top of the first page of the group. This is usually used for an ongoing discussion on a particular topic such as Chemotherapy, or a big discussion where lots of members have shared helpful tips and experiences. 

    If you have found a discussion you've found that you think would be helpful to be featured, please just let us know and we can look into featuring this in the group. 

    If you have any questions or if you need any further support, please don't hesitate to ask here or send us an email at

    Take care,

    Macmillan Community Team
  • Hello

    all the posts are of difficulties faced with grief, I feel I have an idea that may help others. Almost everyone has Netflix nowadays, and some have Disney and Amazon prime. My proposal is to have a sticky with movie and series recommendations, I know I spend a lot of time watching Netflix and Disney, it offers a major distraction from the feelings of desperation. But it’s difficult to get good recommendations. I feel if we had a sticky called Netflix Disney Amazon series & movie recommendations it could help many to find some solace from everyday despair. Please consider this seriously, No one has to look at it if they don’t want to, but I really feel it could help, could even offer a short synopsis.

    thank you

    be nice if we could get a vote from others, but not sure how, unless I make a post suggesting it and see what feedback I get 


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  • Hi ArthurD,

    It’s Megan here who works alongside Eliza as part of Macmillan’s Online Community team. Thank you for getting back in touch with us to share the details of your suggestion, we’re always open to hear the different ways members would like to find support on the site.

    Starting a discussion about movie and TV recommendations sounds like something others may be interested in talking about too. You’re more than welcome to start a discussion in the Bereaved spouses and partners forum about this as I’m sure others will join in the discussion if they have any recommendations to share.

    Once you start a discussion thread, we can make this ‘sticky’ for a month initially, just to see if this helps others find the discussion so they can join in the chat. If this works and helps people get involved in the discussion, we can look at making the discussion sticky again.

    I’m not sure if you have read our ‘Bereavement in the media’ blog as part of our ‘Coping with grief’ Community News blog series, but there’s a section in this blog discussing television as a distraction and a source of comfort. I thought I’d mention this to you in case it’s helpful for you to read.

    I hope this makes sense and please do let us know if you have any more questions. Alongside posting here in our Technical help section, you’re always welcome to email the Online Community team at

    Best wishes, 

    Macmillan's Online Community Team