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i posted on this a few months ago and have been following everyone’s stories

My husband is two weeks into four weeks radiation and is experiencing bowel problems. He feels he needs to pass wind but sometimes passes water with blood and seems to be weeing more

This is distressing him as he feels he can’t trust himself  Has anyone any advice  should he change his diet maybe?  We do eat quite a high fibre diet

Thank tout

  • This is not unusual in the months following radiotherapy.  It is best to seek some guidance from your consultant or radiotherapy centre if you can - I suggest you call either the consultant's secretary or your radiotherapy department where he had his treatment.  I was having far too many bowel movements - just a small amount but quite a few times a day at this stage, so was put on a daily immodium tablet and fybogel - which bulks up the bowel movements so you should have fewer movements a day.  However he needs to seek advice either from the radiotherapy department or his consultant.

  • Yes I will contact someone. Although he had a much better evening and night so feeling more positive 

    He survived a subachnoid brain hemorrhage against all the odds twenty years ago but left him with some residual short term memory issues. Hence I am taking more than a normal interest in bowel movements and trying to act as his memory!

    Thank you all so much for the help and support 

  • If he is still urinating often, it could be because his bladder does not get emptied enough when he goes. While I was having radiation and for several weeks after, my oncologist prescribed me a drug called FlowMax because my uretra had gotten irritated.  It helped me a lot and eventually as I was able to stop it and be fine. Check with the oncologist though maybe a general practitioner could do if it is easier of access for you.

  • Just an update 

    so we are now five weeks post radiation and things do seem to be getting back to normal. Has been a hard time for him with every side effect you could mention

    I think because we were told likely no side effects and if any they would be low we were lulled into a false ense of security and found it all alarming

    guess in the end patience and a very very bland diet was the answer. Just now gradually  introducing more interesting food into his diet and drink ( real ale ! )

    Have to wait the 12 weeks for psa test so fingers crossed

    hoping anyone reading this starting radiation will get some reassurance if side effects happen

    Just one question which is interesting me - does prostrate cancer present as a particular gleeson score and stay at that. Or does it progress  to higher scores?

  • Hello  

    I have been following this thread but so far this is my first contribution. 

    Thank you for letting us know that your husband is now on the mend post Radiotherapy - it's so useful for other Community members following this path.

    I love the bit about Real Ale - that's my downfall (see another thread about the weight I have put on on HT (I have been on HT 30 months!).

    As for the Gleason Score this can increase or decrease depending on how aggressive the cancer is and from where abouts in the prostate the biopsy samples were taken. It's not normal practice to do a further biopsy to check the Gleason Score and future treatment will depend on his PSA  readings. Now he's had his radiotherapy his "nadir" or expected lowest reading should be the one 18 months after RT has been completed.

    The general rule of thumb is further treatment is required if he has 3 successive increased PSA readings after the nadir reading or his PSA increases by more than 2 whole points.

    As an aside my initial diagnosis was a Gleason 7. 11 months after diagnosis I had a TURP operation where they "shave" the prostate. those "chips" came back as a Gleason 9 Grimacing. (You can read the full story by clicking on my Avatar)

    I hope the above helps.

    Best wishes - Brian.

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