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It seems a lot of folks didnt understand was i was saying !

Paul Ed
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I was not having a gripe at anyone on here. I was just saying that sometimes people like just to read and not talk ! 

I was saying that you dont need to talk if you can control your mind to accept the situation.

It was only my opinion cos i know lots of people wont talk about their cancer .

I was not decrying anyone on this site but just expressing my opinion.

Of course talking is good but for me i read some stuff that just makes me depressed ! 

I want positive not negative thoughts ... we have what we have and should accept it , dont dwell on it ! Talk about good things and not just the cancer !!!

I wont be saying sorry for anything cos i did not say anything bad at all ! 

My  point was that we all would not be on here if we didnt have cancer !  So Dont talk about the down side cos we all know ! 

If you have something that could help others then thats fine , but i only wanted to see people saying how long their fight has been and how they are now ?

Also if they know about any new medicines/ therapies 

Paul Ed