Surgery soft palate

Hi all 

My surgery took place last Tuesday I had my uvula and right tonsil removed along with all of my soft palate there is now a really big hole in my throat and it’s so much bigger than I thought it would be, I have a surgical obturator which is very poorly fitted but should have the first proper one within the next couple of weeks

I am 11 days post surgery now but still feeling so rough, I had a chest infection following surgery and was prescribed doxcylcline antibiotics, chest now clear but I have an irritated wind pipe and it makes me feel breathless even tho my oxygen level is ok the hospital gave me a CT scan and there is no restriction in my airway 

I’m struggling to sleep with this obturator plate as can’t breathe through my nose when I lie down so mouth breathing which isn’t helping with the irritation and also makes my dry mouth so much worse

Has anyone experienced anything like this please 

Queen B