Feeling Sick everyday

HI Im just wondering if anyone who has already been trough treatment still feels sick everyday, nausea or vomiting or just has to go to bed a lot.

My partner has had chemo & surgery which all finished over a year ago, he was gettting better gained the weight etc but this last while im finiding hes back in bed everyday and always feeling ill, he dos get dumping and is trying to control it but even that aside its hard to deal with him being in bed a lot and just not really in the mood to do anything im wondering is this an issue should he still be ill everyday? 

He has an app face toface finally on 21st Nov so not long to go but when people ask he says hes fine, this is not what I see, I think hes going backwards?

Thanks for any input

  • Hi

    i was unaware of the journey after the op as well.  I think they are light on the details as everyone is different and some adjust quicker than others.  I thought the main issue would be portion size and frequency of meals but dumping is an ongoing issue and takes a bit to get the balance of what you eat and drink right.

    As Samantha says you need to concentrate on getting as fit and well as possible for the op and deal with these issues if and when they happen.

    I hope your op goes well