New here and scared. Why no surgery date?

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Ive not posted before but hoping for some advice. Been for my biopsy result appt and it was confirmed as cancer. One lump i could feel and another smaller one found on ultrasound. One node involved. At the initial appointment 2 weeks ago i was so terrorized they found 2 bits i asked the consultant for a CT scan which she wasnt suggesting at that time. She didnt seem to phased as neither bits came to more than 5cms altogether. Fast forward to this weeks results appointment with another consultant and although my cancer grade came back as 1 the CT scan has picked up other inconclusive things including womb thickening?? and a query in bones. Terrified is an understatement. Theres no talk of a masectomy until ive had further tests. Has anyone else experienced this? Not sleeping and feel like im in fight or flight the whole time.  Why dont they schedule me in for they think its spread already? I have to have a gynae meeting before they do anything else. And the bone thing terrifys me.

  • Thank you for coming back to me. Everyone that is walking this road is giving me so much knowledge and support.  I just thought it would all move alot faster. I guess there are so many of us. You shouldn't wish time away should you.. thank you again you sound like a lovely tin man x

  • Hi both, 

    I am newly diagnosed and am still waiting for my 2nd lot of biopsy results to.come back. I was told on May 3rd that I had lobular cancer and I could have breast conserving surgery, however, an MRI has found another 2 bits, I am now having conversations with the breast care nurse about conserving surgery may not be an option, so am trying to get my head around this. They are laying in a diamond shape. I don't know what to think. I was told that the results would have been back a week ago, but it looks like that I will be seeing the surgeon on the 30th May for a plan and to find out if the 2 new bits are cancer or not, I am petrified, not told my daughters yet as they are doing GCSE and finals for 2nd Yr of uni, so I am pretending everything is still fine as I don't want to worry them with waiting time, I just hope they can forgive me for not telling them. I feel really lonely at times. I have a best friend who I talk to every day vis WhatsApp,  so I am ok with that, but I feel exhausted trying to stay calm and happy, I have been off work since the 7th May from gp and they asked but luckily I have spinal stenosis and I told them my back I bad as my old car ruined it as well. So I have a cover story for now but we have to turn our location off our phones for appointments as they track us. We are a very close family but my god, this is one of the hardest times of my life to date, because its me and I have no control over timings of appointments etc. Sorry to offload and moan. Good luck you all. Ot would be lovely if I could join your friendship please, just to have others who are in the same position. I understand if I am too negative but it is just total fear. Sorry for the waffle and negativity. Love to you all. Xx

  • Hi SH18

    Welcome to the forum and I am sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  No need to apologise for offloading and moaning that's what this forum is here for and we all understand where you are coming from.  You are never alone when you post on here.  It's perfectly understandable that you are afraid, getting a breast cancer diagnosis is scary.  When you eventually get to tell your kids the news I'm sure that they'll understand why you held off telling them

    Breast cancer is very treatable these and whatever you do stay off Dr. Google as the information on there is out of date.  Rely on sites like this one and Breast Cancer Now for your information.

    For you'd like just click on my name to read all about my journey with Breast Cancer.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your next appointment.

    Best wishes


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  • Hi SH18

    I too am waiting to tell the kids. I wanted to wait until I could tell them exactly what was what and I seriously thought I would no more by now. I have a scan tomorrow just as we head into the BH weekend. Its late in the day so i am pretending to be out for tea with my friends. All this to protect them as my youngest son is very sensitive and even if this is treatable he will be terrified of anyhing happening to me..hes 12 Pensive    I have tried to keep working as its computer based and at home but my mind isnt in it. God knows how I'll keep a lid on things during half term. I cant offer alot of advice as it sounds like we are at similar points in this thing..but so far there being more than one bit of cancer has not concerned the professionals as much as it has me.  I think its more common than i realised.

    I feel like me asking for a CT scan hasnt helped as now there are things on the table that wernt there before and i wish i hadnt asked. Scared all this waiting is letting this thing spread. Ive asked Docs for something to help me sleep. Not helpful to you..sorry..but just know you are not alone x