Lymphedema experience/treatment.

Hi , I have lymphedema in my right arm post mastectomy, lymph node clearance, chemotherapy and radiotherapy last year. I’ve been told wearing a support sleeve over my arm and hand is “ long term” and really don’t like the thought of it being permanent. Can actually deal better with loss of beast as it’s easy to wear a prosthesis. I’ve appointments with lymphedema clinic this month for exercise and  MLD which I’m pinning my hopes on helping. Can anyone else offer advise or relate their experience ? 

  • Thank you, had a quick peak at the link. Will go back and study later. It's amazing the different experiences patients get. I do feel under informed and have throughout the whole process. It's frustrating. Thank goodness for this site where I generally get pointed towards good info that helps me understand each stage. I'm wondering now if its my fault I've got the lymphoedema as I did exercises to increase shoulder mobility and still having Physio for that but didn't do any to reduce risk of lymphoedema... Maybe I was remiss on that front. Who knows. There's so much to think about. I sometimes think I blunder from one problem to another.