Hi,just been diagnosed with rectal cancer .

Hi,just been diagnosed with rectal cancer but no staging yet.They say I now need a PET scan as have some enlarged lymph nodes around area.Has anyone else had a PET scan at this stage and the reason for this.My anxiety levels are through the roof!

  • Thanks for your helpful reply.Hopefully I can carry on much as normal as well.I tend to have a nap most days anyway so will rest when I have to.They have decided I will not need a stoma at the moment as bowels seem to be coping at moment but will probably get one at time of operation.
    Appreciate your replies.


  • Hi,just started Chemoradiation this week for rectal cancer.It will be for 5weeks.The chemo drug is capecitibine.Did anyone else feel sick the first few days of the treatment?I didn’t expect this until later on in the treatment.Any advice would be great.Thank you

  • Hi . I think I was given anti-sickness meds to take? Mention it to the radiologists when you go tomorrow and see if they can refer you to one of the nurses there? It’s quite a mild dosage that you take but sometimes it’s just a case of trying a different anti-sickness med that suits you better? x

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  • Hi Hubby had same treatment , he was given anti-sickness tablets (metroclopramide) . He took them for first week and then found didnt really need them . 

  • Thanks.I asked today so got some tablets.

  • Thanks I asked today and got some tablets.Thanks for advice.So helpful to be able to ask on this forum any worries we have.