May 2022 Catch up thread !

So the month of better weather begins . Well we hope it does .

Been trying to stay out of my sons way as they both have exams . Spent yesterday up cleaning out the attic then in the garage painting some furniture. Books all over my house!Grinning.


Was frightened to touch this as it had been damaged on the surface by one of my lovely sons and I did not want to ruin it in the believe it was a nice wood . One quick touch with the sander and I reGrinningised it was MDF . Grinning.

Always wanted to try a more metallic paint so decided to give it a go .

Also the nice people at my insurance company collected my car after a lady ran into the back of me three months ago . Long story . They left me a £50000 car to use for the duration . I thought it was a joke . Now that’s a bit out my comfort zone . But sunglasses on and faking it with the best of them .

Hope you are all having some sunshine .  normally gives me a wee nudge at the start of each month!

Take care ,


  • Yes, like the way the seasons change and bring us a new round of beauty…

    Every blessing
  • These are stunning ! Really beautiful.


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  • Lovely photos, , you are so much more forward than us in the Midlands!! Just got my apple blossom out.

  • Love the colours in the tulips !

    Hope you are all doing ok .


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  • Eventually we got some sunshine ! My wee mum bought me a plant .

    Hope you are all getting some bright days .


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  • What is it, apart from pretty!!, a cyclamen (sp?)??

    Today has been almost summer, but supposed to be back to rain tomorrow. Ground is still quite dry. Ponies need more grass!! (They always do, pretending they are never fed!!!)

    Not sure which way is up at the moment. Respiratory physio exercises have made a very slight improvement. Finally got to see the respiratory consultant, which was useful to a point. Will get referred for tests and see her again in 3m. Plus some medication to try. 

    The long covid clinic, or PCS here, will take 2 or 3 months minimum for onward referral. Oh well. So I am still plodding onward. Managed to mow the lawn before the rain. And yes, we have been known to mow it with a pony or two!!

  • Morning everyone, hope you all had a great weekend.  We were all at Wembley,  Liverpool win the FA cup and City drop two points, I can't lie I've known worse weekends following the reds.

    YNWA - allez les rouges


  • At 23/30 rounds of chemo Managed to get over to Cairns in Far North Queensland for the weekend . Had to share pic of  a sunset ( I’m not used to land based sunsets ;) 

  • That is stunning . The colours are amazing ! Not sure we get to see such depths of colour .

    Also brilliant you are able to get away on treatment . I think you are maybe made of tough stuff.  

    Thanks for sharing . I love when people do this . For a moment in time I am transported .

    Take care ,


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  • I was thinking you might be pleased with that  my poor boys are just hoping for better for their team in the future !Rofl

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