Diagnosed with bowel cancer and significant spread to the liver.

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Today, my partner and I found out the devastating news that the cancer in his bowel has spread to his liver and is incurable. All they can offer is chemo to prolong life. We are just devastated, he's only 50 and has only had symptoms in the last few weeks. 

  • Thank you - that sounds good. I’m happy to message privately if that’s better or on here. Take care 

  • I am so sorry to hear about your husband’s diagnosis. My husband is 58 and he too has been diagnosed with incurable bowel cancer. It has spread to his liver in multiple places. He was diagnosed in February with no real symptoms. Your message saying how destroyed and alone you felt really struck a cord as I feel the same. I’m so sorry to hear you are going through this.

  • Im really sorry you are also going through this. My dad has liver sprrad. How is your husband doing on chemo? Hope everything is going in the right direction x

  • Thank you, he is doing ok ish. They have reduced the chemo to 90% to try to reduce some of the side effects he is experiencing. His first scan since starting treatment has shown no change in the disease. They are not expecting to see any shrinkage they are hoping to keep things stable.

  • Hey Nancy if you dont mind me asking. How is your husband doing? What treatment is he on? Thankyou x

  • Hi, he's doing really well, thank you for asking. His CT scans showed that the treatment is working, although we have found his oncology team are very vague on telling us exactly what is going on ,only that its working. He had surgery to start as they were worried his bowel would rupture, now he has just completed 10 of 12 FOLFOX sessions, his side effects have been manageable mainly neuropathy in hands and feet but he has been having acupuncture which he finds is helping, the tiredness seems to be accumulating and his recovery is taking longer, 5 days rather than 3. I've been using my profile as diary, if you want more detail.

    Love and hugs to you and your Dad.

    Nancy x

  • Thankyou for your reply Nancy, will have a read of your profile. Glad treatment is working for him . Thankyou x