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Chemo effects

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Im new here and not sure whether this is something I need to make contact with my team about. 

ive so far has 3 rounds of FEC chemo and have had 1 round of Transtuzumab, Pertusumab and docetaxel 10 days ago.

i have experienced severe diarrhea since I had the last treatment, I can’t eat anything as it goes through within 20 mins. I have had bouts of it all the way through but my stomach is now in agony, I can barely get out of bed from weakness. I did ring the line and went in and they gave me Imodium but I’d been so much during the daytime I couldn’t go to give them a sample.  
I’ve been in severe pain since I had the treatment. Codiene based pain killers don’t suit me so I was told I would have to manage on paracetamol and ibuprofen. I don’t want to take ibuprofen because my tummy is so painful. 
I can’t wat wheat, Gluten, Dairy. Most things trigger it. I feel like I can’t eat anything and I’m scared to eat and drink. 
I don’t know what to do. 
Does anybody have any advice?

many thanks


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Morning Janine  / 

Warm welcome to the club no one expected to join, but pleased you found us 

Sounds like a double whammy, Docetaxel can speed up or slow down your digestive tract and Dire Straits  hang on damn spellchecker - Diarrhoea is mentioned as a common side effect of Perjeta / Pertuzumab.

Yes, this is something you should mention to your onco unit and try to drink at least 2 litres of fluid a day to avoid dehydration too. If you don't give them an update on how bad this is getting, they'll think the Imodium sorted it out :-/

Do come and check us out here in the Breast Group, there is a regular monthly June Chemo Chat discussion for those who are having or have already had chemo help each other out during treatments.

Sorry, I'm not very well up on dietary advice regarding gluten free that may help - I believe Rice is gluten free if that is of any help but a rice pudding is milk based unless you can use a non dairy milk ?

Please ask about this in the breast group there is bound to be another gluten free member who could offer some help.

I'll have a looksee and get back to you.  EDIT, knew there was a breast group member who lives in the gluten free world: You need to have a chat with 

Hugs, or as they say here Cwtches, G n' J

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Hi   I think we differ slightly as I have had on Going tummy issues for years put down as IBS. I actually was better tummy wise through chemo and remember  for a few months after smuggly thinking all was good then it came back with a vengeance  This time having had a BC diagnosis I was given more test and celiac was diagnosed. However although eating strictly gluten free i still struggle so now other intolerance are being considered.

Are your issues due to chemo only ?  I'm not sure if the gluten free diet applies to you ?  You have my sympathy as it is so draining .

I don't want to give incorrect advice with your chemo but I eat all gluten free also i keep low lactose. I can't tolerate cream or whole milk so lactose free milk and no cream cakes !  Oddly cheese calms my tummy down .

I also struggle with soft fruits tomatoes mushrooms the list goes on. You could look at Fodmap food list and try the foods in the lower list.

Maybe track diet by writing it down to find triggers. I take Imodium daily and also buscopan if needed for pain. However I would definitely contact your team if things are so bad and push for more help as of course your nutrition is important at the moment .  Pm me if I can help more xxxxxx 

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Hi me again. I've just re read your post and maybe yours is more chemo limked? I was going to say lots of water plain food soup or smoothie. But I do think contacting your team is important as you may need medical help more Take carexxxx

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Hi Optimistic

Thanks for the info. 

in regards to my symptoms, I was having trouble with bread, pizza base, dough etc. for about 18 months before my diagnosis but I never got round to getting to the doctors. I just stopped eating bread etc... the Chemo just seems to have exacerbated it big times. 

I feel so down because I am struggling to find things to eat. Popcorn seems to be ok plus rice but to eat that day in and day out is awful. I’m trying to drink but everything I’m drinking tastes like soap which is really not helpful.

When I was sent into hospital after the previous chemo they young doctor said when she took my bloods that she was going to test for IBS but I didn’t think there was a test for IBS. 
I know there is for celiac though. I get gripping stomach pain, bloating, a need to rush to the toilet as a matter of urgency. 

thanks for getting in contact and for trying to help. Hope this further info helps.

wozeywifey x