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Lung cancer spread to spine

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Hi all, 

im new to this but need some answers...my mum was diagnosed with lung cancer in Oct 2018, she has been receiving immunotherapy every 21 days which has seemed to do her good. We had a call from the consultant yesterday to say that the cancer has spread to her spine. She will have one dose of radiotherapy on Wednesday. I just don’t know..I’m scared, she has been doing so well. Does this mean that the end of near, she is so well in herself it doesn’t feel right. 

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Hi , I’m sorry to hear about your Mum, I can understand you wanting some answers and feeling scared, I wanted to welcome you to the online community and see if I can help point you in the right direction. It sound like your Mum has been on the same immunotherapy drug as me however we have a different cancer. I see you have joined the lung cancer group where you could start a discussion to talk with others whose experience might help, there is also an ask an expert section where you can put questions to a nurse and to a radio therapist  I will put the link below.


I also thought you might like the support of others going through something similar, below I’ve put a link to the friends and family group, I have noticed a recent discussion that might strike a cord with you, their Mum has lung cancer that has spread to her bones, I think you will quickly spot it in the discussions list.


i think it is very encouraging that your Mum feels well in herself, and although it natural to want to worry about a time scale and uncertainty, the drs can only give best guesses, and I am a few years past the sell by date they predicted for me as my treatment worked well. I can’t answer what treatment is next for your Mum after her radiotherapy as I have a different cancer, I do know that your Mum isn’t restricted to asking questions of her hospital team at appointments, it’s quite common to think of questions afterwards and to be able to ask them by phone or email. I know I’ve been encouraged to do that. I hope you feel you can talk to your Mum about her treatment plan, I’m wondering if the link below on treatments might also help.


It must be a worrying time for you and I’m sorry I can’t help more but I hope the links that I’ve given are a start. If there is anymore help you need just click reply.

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Best wishes


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