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Hi everyone, 

I am struggling with the full use of me left arm as I have that pulling feeling after having a mastectomy. Can anyone recommend any exercises or anything. Xx

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Hi Mdenty10 welcome to the forum and sorry to hear that things are not so good for you,

I am going to insert a link for you to take you to the Breast Cancer forum where lots of folks are around and may be able to better advise you.

Link to breast cancer forum.

That said I would be tempted to speak directly to a physio re this or through the breast clinic where you had your surgery. Did they give you exercises to do after surgery if so I would continue with these however, what you describe could be cording and does need some professional input to start with.

Please do let us know how you get on and please feel free to repost and post as much as you like in the breast cancer forum.

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Sorry to read you are having movement issues post surgery :-/

Don't know how long ago your mastectomy was but surprised you weren't given a standard post breast surgery exercise leaflet of some sort 

If you were and have been doing them and still have had this occur it could be scar tissue forming, or even something called 'Cording'    Have you noticed if you seem to have thick vein type shape travelling from you armpit down the inside of your arm towards your elbow ?

I'll paste the breast cancer care exercise leaflet below if you haven't got one. 

Meanwhile you should contact your breast care nurse about this for an experienced opinion and do click on the link Gail has given you and join the Breast Group - They really are a great bunch of ladies (Fruit Loops) to get chatting with about literally anything.


Hope this is of some help for now, take care, G n' J