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Secondry breast cancer ,

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After 8 months backwards and forwards to Dr's I was finally diagnosed  in July with secondary breast cancer that has matastasised into my lungs and tumour on left side. When I found out I felt like I took it really calmly, worst part was telling my family who all understandable got upset. Does anyone else feel like they are the one who has to stay strong for everyone else? 

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Hi Sha53

I was diagnosed in September with lobula breat cancer with bone mets in spine, ribs, clavicle and sternum. 

I know how you feel about been strong for everyone. I prefer going to hospital by myself rather than having to worry about the other person with me. Occasionally I take a friend or my daughter but only when I know there will be no surprises or waiting for test results. I have cried a few since been diagnosed but only when telling other people and usually it’s them starting me off. 
I get results of a CT scan on Monday and will be going on my own. I have told everyone it’s just a routine appointment. I find that I need to get my head round things first before telling people it helps because when I tell people I don’t get upset I am matter of fact and come across as positive which helps them. Sorry if that does not make sense. 
Good luck with your treatment. 
Joanne x