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My dad has lung cancer

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My dad was diagnosed with non small lung cancer in October November time. He has had his first round of chemo but it affected his kidneys. He is just starting his second round but at a lower dose. Has anybody experienced this at what outcome did you have. It’s so hard watching him go through this at just wish I could do more. 

thanks in advance 

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Hi  and welcome to the Online Community, although I am sorry to see you finding us and so sorry to hear about your dad.

A cancer diagnosis can bring a lot of stress, confusion and many questions on all the family but talking with people who are on the same journey can help a lot.

I see you have found our very supportive Lung Cancer group, this is the place where you can open up your concerns to a wider audience who know exactly what you are going through at the moment.

Just follow the link I have created then go to the 'Start a Discussion' tab and set up your very own Discussion and introduce yourself to the group and ask your questions.

As I was the person with the cancer my experience of supporting someone is very limited, although my wife has been amazing over my 20 years. You may also find our Carers Only and Friends and Family groups.

You may find our various Macmillan Support Line Services to be helpful - call them on 0808 808 00 00 This free service covers Emotional Support, Practical Information. Clinical Information, Financial Support and Work Guidance mostly open 8.00 to 8.00 but check the link.

We also have our ‘Ask an Expert’. section where you can post questions to our mostly Volunteer Experts but please allow 2 working days to get a reply.

Our Online Information and Support Section  is a good place to find information covering cancer diagnosis, treatments and pages covering most types of cancers.

Talking to people face to face can help a lot so check to see if you have any Local Macmillan Support in your area or a Maggie’s Centre as these folks are amazing.

When you feel up to it try putting some information in your profile. This really helps others when answering. It also means that you don't have to keep repeating yourself. Just click on YOUR username, select 'Edit Profile'. Put as much or as little in your profile and you can amend it at any time - you can see members profiles by hitting our forum names.

All the very best.


Mike - Thehighlander

It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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Highlander wow just read your situation from start to finish I feel pathetic moaning about my very trivial problems you are some Stong man & you are so lucky to have such a incredible wife , please tell her I wish there were more partners like her the world would be a far better place. My husband after 40 years could not care less but it’s ok when I first left I was just very disabled 
a osteoporosis 



inal fractures at top of neck now moved around to a crumble at bottom , but The Non Hodkins lymphoma 

threw me for a loupe, but I’m on watch wait for now hopping to get second opinion soon , waiting is hard , it’s such a crazy illness you feel ok then soaked in sweat headache itching all sorts of stuff I know nothing about ,we found it in my bust but turns out in my Aeorta both sides down bottom , so it is what it is but I have a fantastic dog who loves to sleep lots so we’re a match made in heaven 

after reading all you went through my illness is really nothing , Happy New Year you incredible Couple for I belive having your wife has helped , I wish you the best .

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Good morning , my story is just one of 1000s.

The main thing you should take from it is there is always a way forward..... until there is not. But this is true in all areas of life but cancer just makes it that much more complicated.

Yes, my dear wife has walked ever step with me and we have only been able to get through it by working and supporting each other.

I am very fortunate to have her at my side as I have meet lots of folk who walk this cancer journey on their own........ but this is where this Online Community comes in - no one needs to be alone ((hugs))

Mike - Thehighlander

It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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Thank you so much for that. Sorry to hear you’re going through it. Glad you’ve got an amazing wife. 

best of luck