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A pamper session for my mother-in-law

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Hi, this is my first post but I’m looking for some advice or recommendations. My mother in law was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour in August this year and it’s a real nasty so and so. Shes just finished her first course of radiotherapy and we’re in the ‘wait and watch’ period. She has regular seizures and has lost 90% of the mobility in her left hand side and is feeling really low at the minute as she always been a very independent person and that has been taken away from her. 
When I was round at her house today I noticed she’s written a little note that said “make up? Pamper day?” but I know that she’s lost all her confidence in going out as she’s had a few falls and gets embarrassed if she’s starts seizing when she’s out so I’m looking for someone or a few people who could come round to her house and treat her and pamper her in her home. We’re in Manchester not too far from the Christie so if any one could offer any advice I would really appreciate it. 

Thanks all x 

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Hi and welcome to the online community

I'm sorry to hear of your mother-in-law's diagnosis but arranging some pampering for her sounds like a lovely idea.

I'm not from the Manchester area, so can't recommend any mobile beauticians in that area, but I would imagine a search on the internet, or talking to friends, hairdressers, etc should get you some recommendations of people who will come to her house.

I hope she has a lovely time


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