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My sister receiving palliative care

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hello, my Sister is receiving palliative care for cervical cancer and it seem that she’s in her last weeks now.   I also lost a niece to lymphoma just under a year ago. I feel like I’m coping well but honestly sometimes I feel frozen and overwhelmed and anxious about things that shouldn’t make me feel that way. I also find it really difficult to communicate  with my husband about how I’m feeling. 

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Hi Julie 

Welcome to the online community and to the place that no one chooses to come to but we're glad you felt you could reach out to us.

I'm very sorry to read about your sister and it falling so soon after your niece will be bringing back unhappy memories.

No matter how close we are to our spouses it always seems to be a problem to reach out to them and show our feelings and this maybe is the reason you are frozen, overwhelmed and anxious about things that you are unable to discuss with your husband and are inadvertently bottling things up although that you feel as you're coping well.

We have a few groups that you might like to join where you can chat to other members who are in the same position as yourself

The first group Supporting someone with incurable cancer Group maybe a good starting point.

The second group Carers only is a group as the name suggests is only for carers but I'm not sure if you are actually caring for your sister.

The third group Family and friends may interest you.

All three groups have something in common  they are places to come to ask questions, have a chat, rant, rave and let off steam and discuss whatever's on your mind with the very friendly members who are unbelievably supportive towards each other by listening and sharing experiences, and I know you will be made very welcome in them.

It is a strange thing but it is sometimes easier to express your feelings with a complete stranger that it is your husband or another family member.

We are here to listen to you anytime you feel the need to have a chat or even off load what's on your mind, our door is always open anytime you are passing and feel like coming in you'll be very welcome.

No matter what you do, please keep in touch and let us know how YOU are getting on.


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